UTown Self-Guided Tour

Download these useful guides* (page 1/page 2) for a self-guided tour of University Town!

Alternatively, you may also wish to embark on an interactive self-guided tour by downloading our NUS Campus Explorer app available on both ITunes and Google Play Store! Listen to the audio guides and check in to the various buildings to win a mystery gift! Have fun exploring UTown!

* Best viewed in Google Chrome and optimised for A3

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Quotes "As a USP student, it was rewarding to witness how the shift to UTown had provided USP students with many more resources and platforms to organise communal learning activities beyond the classroom…"
- Edwin
Did you know? There are lots of facilities at UTown for all NUS students - 24/7 study clusters, Mac/PC Commons, discussion spaces, a learning cafe, sporting facilities and spaces for the performing arts. Come and discover UTown now!

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Yogathon - Challenge Yourself

Yogathon seeks to provide NUS with a yoga experience like no other!

The challenge of the marathon is to complete 108 rounds of Sun salutations! Not sure if you can complete 108 rounds? You can always join us in the "Spirit of participation" and do as many rounds of Sun Salutations as your body permits! Along with the Yogathon 108 Sun Salutation challenge, this year we will have other activities too like fun yoga, animal yoga, partner yoga, laughter yoga, zumba, photo booths, stalls and lots more!

This is a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of Yoga to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit! Not only are the Sun Salutations a wholesome workout, which helps develop physique, muscle strength and reflexes, research suggests that it is one of the best things you can do for the mind as well. The well-known benefits include improved concentration & confidence and also lowered stress and anxiety.

Don't know any Yoga? We have got you covered with practice sessions leading upto the Yogathon!


Date: Feb 11th, Saturday (5 - 7 PM)
Venue: Town Green, UTown, NUS Registration
Fee: S$10 (Free practice sessions leading up to the event)


Find out more and register at: https://nusartofliving.wordpress.com/yogathon/