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Quotes "As a USP student, it was rewarding to witness how the shift to UTown had provided USP students with many more resources and platforms to organise communal learning activities beyond the classroom…"
- Edwin
Did you know? There are lots of facilities at UTown for all NUS students - 24/7 study clusters, Mac/PC Commons, discussion spaces, a learning cafe, sporting facilities and spaces for the performing arts. Come and discover UTown now!

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General Information about the Residential Colleges

  • What is a residential college?

    The residential colleges in NUS aim to meld living and learning environments. Students residing in the residential colleges enrol in a carefully designed curriculum, comprising multidisciplinary modules taught in small-group seminars. This is supplemented by various learning opportunities outside the classroom, ranging from casual conversations with visiting faculty or dignitaries to formal dinners and forums. Students often strike a balance between work and play by initiating events and activities, thus promoting a collegial culture.

  • How is a residential college different from the other types of undergraduate accommodation on campus?

    The seven Halls of Residence place major emphasis on student development through active involvement in community work, sports and the arts. Residents get to immerse themselves in the tradition of communal hall life and participate in co-curricular activities ranging from Hall Productions to Inter-Block Games to Youth Expedition Projects. 

    In the two Residences, a minimal framework of community engagement and programmes gives students the flexibility to experience independent living while still having opportunities to interact with fellow residents if they so wish. 

    The residential colleges offer students an integrated living and learning experience where the line between formal and informal learning is blurred. Residents not only read modules which are multidisciplinary, innovative and taught in small classes, but are also exposed to a host of different settings through Master’s Teas, forums, and talks where they actively engage with distinguished visitors and interesting speakers.

  • How can I apply to stay at a residential college?

    To stay at a residential college, you should first apply to one of the academic programmes. Registration for housing takes place only after acceptance into the respective programmes.

  • What are the academic programmes offered in the residential colleges?

    University Town College Programme (UTCP): The UTCP is a multidisciplinary academic programme offered in the College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, and Tembusu College. The UTCP promotes a distinct model of residential learning that combines an exciting curriculum with a wide range of learning opportunities outside the classroom. UTCP students admitted as freshmen typically spend two years in residency in a residential college with the possibility of extension.

    University Scholars Programme (USP): The USP is an interdisciplinary academic programme housed within Cinnamon College. USP admits around 200 students each year, and offers the freedom to explore across disciplines as well as a wide range of extracurricular and overseas opportunities. USP students spend four years in the programme including a two year residency in Cinnamon College (USP).

    Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) Programme: The Ridge View Residential College Programme is a two-year integrated multi-disciplinary living-learning programme which first-year undergraduate students may apply for. In the first year, students read three modules over two semesters, addressing sustainability, workplace readiness and communication, well balanced between knowledge and application. In the second year, students are exposed to experiential projects and programmes in themes of respect, resilience and reflection. 

  • Is there any difference between Cinnamon College (USP) and the College of Alice & Peter Tan / Residential College 4 / Tembusu College?

    Cinnamon College (USP) and College of Alice & Peter Tan / Residential College 4 / Tembusu College are anchored by different academic programmes. The University Scholars Programme (USP) is housed in Cinnamon College, while the University Town College Programme (UTCP) is offered in the College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, and Tembusu College. Nonetheless, residents of all residential colleges enjoy access to a similar set of facilities, e.g. theme rooms and seminar rooms in the Learn Lobes, multi-purpose hall, common lounge and student lounges (on every level).

  • Is there any difference between the College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, and Tembusu College?

    The College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, and Tembusu College seek to provide a holistic living and learning experience under the University Town College Programme. Undergirded by the same educational philosophy, they share the same curriculum structure and admit students using a similar set of selection criteria. There may be some differences in the academic tone and character of each residential college as shaped by its Master, Rector and team of Fellows. For more information of each residential college, please visit the respective websites:

  • How much do the academic programmes i.e. University Scholars Programme (USP) and UTown College Programme (UTCP) cost?

    There are no additional costs to read the modules in the USP or UTCP. Students pay tuition fees based on the Faculty/School they are accepted into. However, charges for accommodation still apply. Besides accommodation fees, students will be subscribing to a meal plan which costs $48 per week.

  • How much does it cost to stay at a residential college at UTown?

    Room rates are dependent on (1) type of room and (2) whether the room is equipped with air-conditioner (air-conditioning charges are based on a pay-per-use basis). Besides accommodation fees, students will be subscribing to a meal plan which costs $48 per week.

  • Are there financial aid options?

    Yes, there are some UTown administered scholarships and bursaries, as well as College administered financial aid options, for students residing at one of the residential colleges and reading the University Town College Programme, University Scholars Programme or Ridge View Residential College Programme. For more information, you may wish to refer to our financial aid webpage or check with your respective College. Information on other NUS scholarships and bursaries is available here.

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

    You can submit an application via https://myaces.nus.edu.sg/webroapsbs/jsp/login.jsp.  Please refer to our financial aid webpage for more information.

  • I have already submitted an application for NUS financial aid and wish to be considered for UTown bursaries. Do I need to submit another application?

    All students who have already submitted an application for NUS financial aid through the portal will automatically be considered for UTown bursaries, where eligible. You do not need to re-apply.

  • I have applied to the University Scholars Programme (USP) or UTown College Programme (UTCP), but have not received the results of my application. Can I submit an application for UTown bursaries?

    Financial aid applications should be made via https://myaces.nus.edu.sg/webroapsbs/jsp/login.jsp as soon as possible after your application to USP or UTCP, and by 1 April 2018.

  • I am already receiving another scholarship/bursary. Can I still apply for UTown financial aid?

    Students who are already receiving another bursary/scholarship/other forms of financial aid should check with your award provider for eligibility to be awarded another form of financial aid before sending us your application.